Coos Bay’s Ship Builders

133 Vessels built right here in Coos County!

In the 1850s, Californian Asa M. Simpson started the first major shipbuilding business in the Coos Bay estuary, the largest natural harbor on Oregon’s coast. The Simpson Shipyard, located in North Bend, produced nearly sixty boats between 1859 and 1903. Many of the ships were used to transport lumber from Simpson’s lumber mills in North Bend and other Pacific Northwest coast towns to market in San Francisco.
Coos Bay lumber mills and the early coal mining industry were dependent on water transportation. The low, rugged Coast Range Mountains obstructed land transportation until a railroad was extended to Coos Bay in 1916. Beginning late 19th Century, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers transformed Coos Bay by building jetties, dredging, and regularly deepening the shipping channel. WWI temporarily revived the wooden shipbuilding industry in Coos Bay. The CBSC and the Kruse and Banks Shipyard, established in 1905, each contracted with the government to build ten wooden steamships. CBSC workers were only able to produce four ships before the war ended in 1918, and the government canceled outstanding orders. The Pacific Northwest shipbuilding industry suffered a decline and many shipyards soon shut down, including the CBSC. The Kruse and Banks shipyard continued to operate, producing minesweepers for the government during World War II.
Until the 1980s, timber remained the largest industry in the Coos Bay region. Lumber from old growth trees was exported to ports in California, Asia, and Europe.

Builder Vessel Type Name Built In Year Built
Timmerman, Max Gas Comet Eastside 1903
Mattson, Arthur Gas Marshfield Eastside 1908
Luse, H. H. Sts Alpha Empire City 1868
Luse, H. H. Sch Katie Piper Empire City 1868
Luse, W. Stp Satellite Empire City 1872
Luse, W. H. Stp Coos Empire City 1874
Murray, J. Sch Rebecca Empire City 1875
Cordes, R. D. Sts Bertha Empire City 1879
Luse, H. H. Sch Anastasia Casman Empire City 1880
Luse, H. H. Sch Robert Emmett Empire City 1880
Swing, John Gas Fish Empire City 1903
Olson, Peter Gas Emore Empire City 1905
Olson, Pet Gas Coast Empire City 1908
Olson, R. H. Gas Empire Empire City 1911
Swing, John Gas Tramp Empire City 1911
Shelin, Fred Gas Albatross Empire City 1912
Swing, John Gas Tiger Empire City 1919
Swing, John Gas Zebra Empire City 1921
Swing, John Ols Koos No. 4 Empire City 1948
Howllett Sch Staghound Marshfield 1868
Howllett, J Sts Escort Marshfield 1869
Sutherland, J. Sch Fanny Jane Marshfield 1869
Walworth, J. Sch Ivanhoe Marshfield 1869
Howllett Sch Louisa Morrison Marshfield 1869
Murray, R. Bkn Amelia Marshfield 1870
McDonald Sch Annie Stown Marshfield 1870
Reed, Hans Sts Eastport Marshfield 1872
Lane, Capt. M. Stp Messenger Marshfield 1873
Holden Sch Frithiof Marshfield 1874
Reed, Hans Sch Laura May Marshfield 1875
Reed, Hans Sch Pannonia Marshfield 1875
Holden Sch Sunshine Marshfield 1875
Reed, Hans Sch Jennie Stella Marshfield 1876
Reed, O. Sts Ceres Marshfield 1877
Reed, Hans Sch Charles H. Merchant Marshfield 1877
Hall & Lightner Sts Myrtle Marshfield 1879
Unknown Sch Santa Rosa Marshfield 1879
Winchester, C. Sts Wasp Marshfield 1879
Reed, Hans Bkn Geo. C. Perkins Marshfield 1880
Unknown Sts Alert Marshfield 1881
Reed, Hans Sch Dakota Marshfield 1881
Reed, Hans Sch John G. North Marshfield 1881
Reed, Hans Bkn C. C. Funk Marshfield 1882
Unknown Sts Escort No. 2 Marshfield 1882
Reed, Hans Sch Viking Marshfield 1882
Reed, Hans Sch Glen Marshfield 1883
Reed, Hans Sch Jennie Wand Marshfield 1883
Reed, Hans Sts Coos Bay Marshfield 1884
Sengstaken, H. Sch Alton Marshfield 1886
Reed, Hans Sts Antelope Marshfield 1886
Cordes, R. D. Sts Coos River Marshfield 1890
Unknown Sts Cumtux Marshfield 1890
Campbell, A. J. Sts Fawn Marshfield 1892
Unknown Sts Blanco Marshfield 1893
Unknown Sch Gen’l Siglin Marshfield 1894
Rogers Bros. Sts Alma Marshfield 1899
Heuckendorff, E. Sch Forest Home Marshfield 1900
Holland Bros. Gas Gasgo Marshfield 1900
Heuckendorff, E. Bkn Joseph L. Eviston Marshfield 1900
Heuckendorff, E. Sch David Evans Marshfield 1901
Heuckendorff, E. Sch James Sennett Marshfield 1901
Heuckendorff, E. Sts Marshfield Marshfield 1901
Holland Bros Ols Relief Marshfield 1901
Heuckendorff, E. Sch Argus Marshfield 1902
Heuckendorff, E. Sch Polaris Marshfield 1902
Heuckendorff, E. Sch Taurus Marshfield 1902
Kruse, K. V Sch Annie E. Smale Marshfield 1903
Bloomquist, J. Gas Curlew Marshfield 1903
Holland Bros Gas Dixie Marshfield 1903
Holland, C. T. Gas Eagle Marshfield 1903
Lowe, Frank Gas Telephone Marshfield 1903
Holland, P. B. Gas Washington Marshfield 1903
Kruse K. V. Sch Hugh Hogan Marshfield 1904
Holland, W. Gas Adel Marshfield 1905
Holland, W. Gas Buffalo Bill Marshfield 1905
Holland, W. Gas Leader Marshfield 1905
Holland, W. Ols Minnie Mitchie Marshfield 1905
Timmerman, Max Gas North Star Marshfield 1905
Kruse, K. V. Ols Oakland Marshfield 1905
Kruse & Banks Sts Casco Marshfield 1906
Timberman, Max Gas Dispatch Marshfield 1906
Holland, W. Sts Juno Marshfield 1906
Kruse, K. V. Ols Wascaoire Marshfield 1906
Holland, W. Gas Beaver Marshfield 1907
Timmerman, Max Gas Bonita Marshfield 1907
Timmerman, Max Gas City of Coos Bay Marshfield 1907
Timmerman, Max Gas Dixie Marshfield 1907
Kruse & Banks Sts E. S. P. Rippley Marshfield 1907
Holland, W. Gas Express Marshfield 1907
Holland, W. Sts F. S. Loop Marshfield 1907
Holland, W. Gas Koos Marshfield 1907
Elliott, G. Gas Messenger Marshfield 1907
Holland, W. Ols Queen Marshfield 1907
Gilroy, S. Sts Peddler Marshfield 1908
Holland, W. Ols Ranger Marshfield 1908
Holland, W. Gas Shamrock Marshfield 1908
Park & McCallom Gas Transit Marshfield 1908
Wittick, Victor Gas Victor Marshfield 1908
Timmerman, Max Gas Wolverine Marshfield 1908
Holland, W. Gas Alice H. Marshfield 1909
Timberman, Max Ols Hercules Marshfield 1909
Timmerman, Max Gas Mae Marshfield 1909
Lowe, Frank Gap Millicoma Marshfield 1909
Timmerman, Max Gas Coaster Marshfield 1910
Kruse Bros. Gas Rural Marshfield 1911
Matson & Bjororquist Gas Wahtaswasa Marshfield 1911
Lowe, Frank Gas Freak Marshfield 1912
Cavinaw, W. Gas Life-Line Marshfield 1912
Timmerman, Max Gas Turtle Marshfield 1912
Lowe, Frank Gas Union Marshfield 1912
Timmerman, Max Gas Bear Marshfield 1913
Timmerman, Max Gas Big Chief Marshfield 1913
Matson, John Gas Rambler Marshfield 1913
Bjorquist, Wm. Gas Hope Marshfield 1915
Lowe, Frank Gas Mayflower Marshfield 1915
Lowe, Frank Gas Coos River Marshfield 1916
Lowe, Frank Gas Mary Ann Marshfield 1917
Lowe, Frank Stp Rainbow Marshfield 1917
Coos Bay Shipbuilding Co. Sts Balliett Marshfield 1918
Coos Bay Shipbuilding Co. Sts Coos Bay Marshfield 1918
Coos Bay Shipbuilding Co. Sts Marshfield Marshfield 1918
Coos Bay Shipbuilding Co. Sts Burnside Marshfield 1919
Lowe, Frank Ols Welcome Marshfield 1919
Unknown Drg Coos Marshfield 1920
Lowe, Frank Gas Hercules II Marshfield 1920
Lowe, Frank Ols Favorite Marshfield 1922
Holland, C. T. Ols Coos King Marshfield 1923
Holland, C. T. Ols Joan Kernam Marshfield 1924
Lowe, Frank Ols Koos No. 2 Marshfield 1924
Lowe, Frank Gas Mecca Marshfield 1924
Windiger,, A Gas Rogue Marshfield 1927
McDonald Ols Multnoma Marshfield 1928
McDonald, L R. Ols William Vaughn Marshfield 1930